What are the Best Selling Products on eBay?

Finding the listing of best selling products on eBay is easy as long as you know where to get it from. And there's no other place to get this information, except from eBay itself. Millions of transactions are conducted every month, and they all are recorded by eBay. Interestingly, they share this information for their users; some can be accessed freely, some other are provided as paid service. Here are them:

  1. Completed listings search.
    Go to eBay website, and use advanced search for this purpose. You will be able to access 15 days of eBay's historical data (it means that you will be able to find out what the best selling products in the last 15 days are).
  2. eBay Pulse (http://pulse.ebay.com/)
    eBay Pulse is a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay. Here you can find:

    • The most popular searches
    • The most popular products
    • The most watched items
    • The most popular stores (you will need it to check your competitors)
  3. ebay Keywords (http://keyword-index.ebay.com/keyword-index.html)
    eBay Pulse is a list of highly popular terms that people search for on eBay. By knowing what most people are looking for, you will be able to predict what the general trends are.
  4. ebay Marketplace research (http://pages.ebay.com/marketplace_research/)
    This is a new service provided by eBay. It's similar to their "completed listing search", with some differences. While you can access 15 days of eBay's historical data in "completed listing search", in this new service you can access up to 90 days of the same historical data. Unfortunately, you are charged to access this service.

Just pay close attention on the lists you found; there are two interesting facts:

  • They are seasonal. If you check these lists on October, you will find many Halloween related stuffs. But if you check on December, they will contain many Christmas related stuffs.
  • The top 10 of the most watched items are dominated by ebooks. They are the how to's ebooks (how to get rich, how to make real money, etc). This is a proof that information sells.